Our Financial Coaches are trained to analyze your finances and identify opportunities to better manage your money. Instead of making decisions for you, we focus on teaching money management skills resulting in the confidence required to reach your financial goals. Once you set a personal financial goal, we assist in putting a specific plan together and support you through the execution of the plan.

Financial Coaching is different from any other finance-related job. CPAs help you with your taxes. Financial Advisors help you with investments. Our goal is to help you navigate an often complex financial landscape, by serving as your Personal Finance Partner. We often serve as a complement to both your Accountant, Financial Planner, and/or Wealth Management/Investment Advisor team.

Basic Services Completed

1:1 Personal Financial Goal Setting & Planning
This program is focused on client needs that are very common and often prevent individuals from creating true wealth. The program will teach and coach skills surrounding:
  • Budgeting/Debt Management
  • Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Credit Card Management
  • Increasing savings and start building for retirement
  • Building Emergency Fund (Importance)
  • Setting Investment Goals
  • Investing Education (DIY and/or Clients with Advisor)
  • College Grad – 6-Month Support Package
  • Managing Your Career Advancement
  • Employee Salary Negotiation
  • Understanding Employee Retirement Offerings
  • Understanding Employer Benefits Package 
  • Buying 1st Vehicle/Negotiating

Advanced Services Completed

Personal & Business Coaching
This advanced program is for clients that have already started and mastered the Basics of Personal Finance. They often have created a specific level of wealth and are now faced with the added financial complexity that presents itself. This client would benefit from receiving guidance from a Financial Coach that has deeper experience in such things as:
  • Wealth Accumulation Accelerator
  • Retirement Readiness Checklist 
  • Retirement Drawdown Theories 
  • Education on DIY versus Advisor (Pros/Cons)
  • Retirement Software Basics (Tools/Resources)
  • Investment Fee Analysis & Portfolio/Diversification Education
  • US Treasury Direct – Bonds/Notes/T-Bills (Fixed Income Education)
  • Importance of Building a Financial Team
  • Financial Protection Education
  • Note: We do not provide client specific Tax, Legal, or Investment recommendations. You should consult your own advisers as to Tax, Legal, Investment and other related matters.

Small Business:

  • Small Business Expense Reduction Package
  • Small Business Employee Accountability Training (Manager Training)


Financial Confidence

"Our newly found financial confidence has brought peace of mind to our future retirement goals and aspirations”

Saved Money

"Our Coach has saved us money in unnecessary fees that we were being charged"


"Our Coach has brought accountability to both ourselves and our Financial Advisor"

More Control

“Prior to hiring a Financial Coach, we didn’t understand all the decisions that were being made by our financial advisor; Our Financial Coach got involved and has been able to uncomplicate the financial landscape & we now feel more in control of our financial decisions"


"I now enjoy making financial decisions and have a partner that is always available to double-check my decisions”


"My Financial Coach is an unbiased partner that has provided a good foundation that I didn't have prior"

Net Worth Increase

“Hiring a financial coach turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My net worth has increased dramatically in the last 3-years based on setting a clear plan and understanding the process better"

College Grad

“As a new college graduate, I was not prepared for all the financial decisions and responsibilities I was confronted with as I started my first corporate job. My Financial Coach educated me on the short and long term impact of the decisions I needed to make”

More Comfortable

"Before working with our financial coach, we felt overwhelmed and unsure about the financial decisions we were making. We are now more comfortable and confident in the decisions we are making.”


“Our Coach is a partner that’s solely focused on simplifying the financial decisions we had to make, as we prepared for an eventual retirement"


Sessions are normally purchased in packages for a discounted rate:

  • Free Initial Discovery Session ($75 Value)
  • Rates vary based on services needed. A quote will be given at the end of the discovery session.

* Additional discounts available for Veterans & Seniors (60+)

We provide remote coaching using whatever method you are most comfortable (Phone, Facetime, Zoom, Google Meets). These One-on-One coaching sessions have proven to be efficient to review client financial goals, address questions, teaching and modeling money management skills, review documents, share insights or research, etc.

Graduation Gift

Upon graduation, students from College or Tech/Trade schools are immediately forced to make decisions that affect their immediate cash flow. Our education system unfortunately doesn’t prepare them to make the best decision, especially as they join corporate america!
Our popular College Grad Gift Package will insure your child will have 6-months access to an experienced Financial Coach that will be available to educate them on the many questions and decisions they will get. The goal is to start creating strong money management skills, before the grad gets his/her first large paycheck! Attached are examples of some of the experiences we’ve been able to address for clients:
  • Assistance in reviewing the new Employee Benefits Package (Health Insurance, Life Insurance)
  • Assistance in reviewing questions on Retirement and Investment offerings (401k/403(b)/Roth options, etc)
  • Assistance setting up 1st Personal Budget, tracking Expenses monthly, Banking Relationships, Credit Cards
  • Assistance in educating on how to buy your 1st Car upon graduation
  • Understanding the importance of setting up and funding an Emergency Fund

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